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We cut your AdWords and SEO costs in a few days. We are leaders in online marketing cost reduction in the UK. No one else has the system to deliver this saving. We cut conversion costs by over 50% for Swimming Pool Chemicals and can do the same for you.

Gate Motors - Leading the market in gate openers

We specialise in increasing sales through AdWords, SEO and Social Marketing. We work harder to create possibilities for businesses online. We focus on fundamentals, adopting a practical approach to planning, analysing, marketing and implementing successful sales campaigns that deliver measurable results for our clients.

Stocking HQ - UK's leading hosiery retailer.

Each year we help over 300 businesses to achieve online success. We don't just help business to work online, we help you and others like you to feel good about being an online business. Don't just take our work for it. Read our reviews below from our customers.

Client Testimonials

Weíve included a selection of client testimonials from some of our 300 clients. We specialise in helping business owners and their managers to deliver exceptional results for web site design, AdWords, SEO and Social Marketing.

"High rankings are great on AdWords, but what do they mean to a business? We talked to Chris recently, and asked him, was he getting new business from the his AdWords Mentoring? Prior to mentoring Chris had worked hard to reduce cost and had reduced his average position to 4 in order to save money. With our help he now holds the No 1 top position, yet has actually seen a 52% reduction in conversion costs for a higher position and he's currently getting a 130% more business than last year. That's a dramatic difference: he was pretty confident in his Adwords skills before meeting PPC Resscue, but the figures speak for themselves. Chris's business is now the web's largest swimming pool chemicals supplier."

B Depot

I am not known for spending money, but the money Iíve spent with PPC Rescue is the best money Iíve spent this year. Youíve transformed our business.


Stick with PPC Rescue. I cannot begin to describe how much youíve helped us. Our AdWords knowledge was a little light and we also felt we were at the mercy of Google. However, our knowledge and accounts are now world class. You promised to reduce our wastage and youíve kept to your word. Our market is very competitive and with your assistance Pimlico has continually out performed rivals. My advice is call PPC Rescue and you'll get everything you need from one of the best AdWords team in the business.

S Hoods

I just wanted to write to say thanks for the differences you have made to our AdWords campaign. I actually can't believe how much money we were wasting!

S Pursuits

PPC Rescue were brilliant! I am responsible for AdWords, but often had no idea about why AdWords was performing the way it did or even and how to fix it. The guys were patient, informative and helpful in teaching me all about mastering AdWords. Since my mentoring sessions took place, Iíve been able to stop Googleís money wastage dead in its tracks and really make the account deliver! I am now really confident in explaining performance and AdWords marketing to my Director.

T Click

I have really enjoyed the service PPC Rescue have provided. It is a great way to learn how to manage your Google AdWords account efficiently, to set up new campaigns and to keep track of the account on an ongoing basis.

R4 Roofs

Just had to thank you for the training and mentoring. With your help we've grown rapidly and made a real impact in the roofing market. We're now bigger than our competitors. Fanastic!

PJ Charter

I gave one of our accounts to Reach Local and the other I worked on with my mentor. After a few months it was clear that my PPC Rescue account was clearly out performing Reach Local. Once you understand Adwords itís clear you canít leave it a automated system. I now manage all the Adwords inhouse with PPC Rescue's assistance.


I managed our AdWords account in-house with limited success. When PPC Rescue approached us to mentor and train us in Adwords, I was a little cautious based on some of the management agencies we have experienced. However, within the first month of taking over the account, we noticed a massive improvement in click-through rates and, importantly, a £13K saving. Since then we have seen continued improvements within the account.

F Station

It's simple. Our CTR was below below 1% and now itís over 12%! Our AdWords results have significantly improved with PPC Rescue's assistance. They have introduced techniques I never knew existed. A great team to work with!

Federation of Small Businesses FSB

Thanks for taking time out to explain AdWords and the top 5 mistakes to avoid for our members

Our clients' results show that PPC Rescue do deliver winning marketing marketing and website solutions that have enabled the business owners to succeed online

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