About US

We don’t photograph well, so we’re a little camera shy. There's 16 of us. We’re incredibly hard-working and focused on our clients' success.

Cut Costs By Up To 52% - No Ifs, Ands or Bots.

We cut your AdWords and SEO costs in a few days. We are leaders in online marketing cost reduction in the UK. No one else has the system to deliver this saving. We cut conversion cost by over 50% for Swimming Pool Chemicals and can do the same for you.

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Increase Sales - Make A Big Splash

We specialise in increasing sales through AdWords, SEO amd Social Marketing. We work harder to create possibilities for businesses online. We focus on fundamentals, adopting a practical approach to planning, analysing, marketing and implementing successful sales campaigns that deliver measurable results for our clients. Learn more »

Social Media - Create a Real Buzz

Our unique programme enables business owners to return to PPC fundamentals, adopting a practical approach to planning, analysing, marketing and implementing successful Social Media sales campaigns using the internet Sales System (iSS). You'll transform your existing Social Media operation based on the core principals of our Paid Search Mentoring system to drive more sales through your site.

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SEO - Putting Lead In Your Pencil, The Natural Way

Establishing a strong organic presence on major search engines delivers a highly-efficient return on investment. We work hard to put you in front of your customers when they search and take a holistic approach to ensure you rank high in the natural listings.

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About Us

PPC Rescue is now part of Click Convert. All the team are now at the Click Convert Offices. We have offices in the UK and US. We can be reached at www.click-convert.co.uk or on 01244 470067.

We are the UK's leading authority in one-to-one AdWords Mentoring and Account Management, and we're pretty hot at SEO, Web Design and Social Media. As the pioneers of Search Mentoring in the UK, PPC Rescue is renowned for rapidly turning around small businesses’ search marketing activities by utilising powerful, proven techniques that deliver success. Our work with Tights UK, is often cited by Matt Brittin, Chief Executive of Google UK in interviews on Radio 5 and FT.com as a prime example of what can be achieved with Google and the internet economy.

To this day we are still the only company with the proven propriety PPC Rescue system for delivering AdWords success.

Fast Facts

We don’t photograph well, so we’re a little camera shy. But as you're enquiring, there are 16 of us.

We were founded in June 2010 by John Langley after a career in internet marketing and web design stretching back to 1998. He's the James May look a like. What he doesn't know about flight booking engines, hotel price comparision technology and travel website design isn't worth knowing after a career leading marketing and development teams at ATPi, Eurocamp / Keycamp and Global Travel. John is chief technologist and marketing guru tasked with ensuring clients stay ahead of game. He’s a true believer in hot button marketing and the emotional buttons that lead us all to buy.

We’re located outside Chester but help clients nationwide.

Alex, our award-winning marketing expert, journalist and copyrighter manages a team of 5 AdWords Mentors and SEO experts plus our web designer, Gareth.

Paul is the company sage and Harley man. He's our IBM big cheese who's seen it, done it and succeeded. Failure isn't an option in his book. He guides clients' businesses back to the happy path.

Ian is head of sales and manages 7 hard-working members of staff. Tara keeps us all in check and manages our finances. We don't cross her!

We love animinals - we support the Sea Sheppard Charity as seen on TV with Whales Wars. We've helped Marie Currie fundraising through our love of classic cars and the TVR car club. We helped raise £3200 on the last trip in September.

Oh, we're all given free range eggs - not the biggest staff benefit, but they taste great!

No two days are ever the same and to describe the office as creative and a little crazy would be an understatement. Friday is chippie day - it's a northern thing. Maybe it's the reason we don't photograph well!

We're a little competitive and results driven - that's why we're the Uk's No 1 Adwords mentoring company and deliver client success.

So, we’re incredibly hard-working and focused on our clients' success. We believe work should be fun and love working with great clients.

Why Choose PPC Rescue?

PPC Rescue differs from Adwords agencies, SEO companies and Web Designers for a number of reasons, and not least because we understand that your business is of paramount importance and profit is the end goal. We understand the feeling of helplessness that people feel when their online marketing campaigns are devouring money without discernible returns. At PPC Rescue, we take your business as seriously as you do and work closely with you to determine the best course of action to deliver the results we know you can achieve.

Our difference is that we’ve run online businesses and we know what it’s like. We’re experienced and it gives us a focus only business owners can appreciate. Our competitors have never staked their own money online to any serious level. They don’t know what is like to tread the lonely & narrow road as an online business. You cannot describe it, you can only experience it. We have experienced failure and great success - it gives us the ability to ensure you avoid the pitfalls and we help you focus on sales, cost reduction and profit.

Who Is PPC Rescue? And How Did AdWords Mentoring Evolve?

PPC Rescue was founded by the now-leading authority on paid search, John Langley; pioneer of real-time flight booking engines on the internet and winner of the prestigious Business Travel Award and other awards for his work on internet marketing. John worked developed ATPi’s flight booking technology, lead Eurocamp and Keycamp’s European internet marketing teams and managed the Global Travel Groups 2000 franchise websites and pioneering dynamic flight and hotel rooms websites. Seeking a new challenge (he looked around the room one day, realised he was the oldest there and thought it's now or never) John started his own business in promotional gifts employing several staff. Initially he outsourced AdWords to account management agencies, but with modest success at best, each time the agency either returned to technical work in the campaigns that delivered poor results or just didn’t undertake the work agreed. Every agency always forgot the fundamental need for sales and profit but were always creative with their excuses!

How Did We Become AdWords Experts?

It's simple, we had no choice! We were AdWords advertisers just like you, we had great success advertising, we grew rapidly. Over time, very slowly the costs of AdWords began to raise, our competitors started to under cut us, our profits started to fall. We worked hard and yet at the end of week, AdWords took too much. John threw himself in AdWords, meeting experts, attending conferences and finally we had some success. We cut cost and increased sales, but the approach was overly complex. Over the next 4 months he refined it. Bang! We knew how to make AdWords work like never before.

John's system reduced his own AdWords cost by over 60% in days and yet increased sales! Granted it did take months of research, numerous dead ends, working to midnight most nights and a lot of coffee, but when he worked it out, it worked immediately.

How Did We Become AdWords Mentors?

John walked into work one day and announced that we could help businesses with their AdWords. A fire extingusiher sat next to the desk, so we called fire extingushers companies. The fifth company we called had just lost £19,000 in three months, so they gave us a try. We turned around the account in 5 days and today theirs is the UK's leading fire extinguisher company on the net.

That cold call saved them tens of thousands of pounds and made them market leader - just think about it before you put the phone down on a cold call from us.

We've saved more businesses from closure than we care to consider, and we won't even get onto the company with 1 keyword who we turned into a global success and a 7 million turnover in 14 months...

We have helped hundreds of companies to succeed worldwide. Amazingly, having now conducted thousands of account and SEO reviews, we’ve never seen any other company or agency solve the online marketing problem as effectively as PPC Rescue can. In reviewing over 4000 accounts we're seen less than 17 good accounts and only 6 were managed by agencies (as of March 2012). Agency accounts in general are amoungst the worst accounts. Google directly assisted accounts no better either in our experience.

New SEO and Website Services

As you would expect, if you can deliver success with AdWords, clients start asking about SEO. So we’re taken a very open and transparent approach to SEO. The results speak for themselves and our clients are achieving great success.

Website optimisation has always played a key role in our success. Whatever you offer online must be immediately available on your landing page. Customers expect you to deliver on the promises you made. We dramatically improved conversion rates on-site so it’s only natural that we just don’t suggest improvements but deliver complete website solutions. Our clients need the ability to expand so our platforms of choice are Magento, X Cart and Wordpress.

We know why most online marketing doesn’t work and what you can do about it. We understand search, and you understand your business; we can work together to make specific, step-by-step changes to deliver you future success.

We can help you now. Call for a no-obligation, confidential discussion.

Contact us now on 01244 470067 to find out what we can do for you.