Cut Costs By Up To 52%...
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We cut your AdWords and SEO costs in a few days. We are leaders in online marketing cost reduction in the UK. No one else has the system to deliver this saving. We cut conversion cost by over 50% for Swimming Pool Chemicals and can do the same for you.

Increase Sales - Make A Big Splash

We specialise in increasing sales through AdWords, SEO amd Social Marketing. We work harder to create possibilities for businesses online. We focus on fundamentals, adopting a practical approach to planning, analysing, marketing and implementing successful sales campaigns that deliver measurable results for our clients.

Social Media - Create a Real Buzz

Our unique programme enables business owners to return to PPC fundamentals, adopting a practical approach to planning, analysing, marketing and implementing successful Social Media sales campaigns using the internet Sales System (iSS). You'll transform your existing Social Media operation based on the core principals of our Paid Search Mentoring system to drive more sales through your site.

SEO - Putting Lead In Your Pencil, The Natural Way

Establishing a strong organic presence on major search engines delivers a highly-efficient return on investment. We work hard to put you in front of your customers when they search and take a holistic approach to ensure you rank high in the natural listings.

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AdWords - Is it Alien to You?

Our proven AdWords Mentoring system, has assisted over 300 businesses in understanding Google AdWords and succeeding online with their Paid Search marketing. Our AdWords Qualified Mentors specialise in training you in how to use AdWords to maximum effect, saving money whilst increasing sales.

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How can we help you

In the digital marketplace, you have to appear in a user's search results at the moment they are looking to make a purchase. If you're not there, your competitors will be. At PPC Rescue, we specialise in training you with our unique AdWords Mentoring to deliver adverts on Google AdWords to the people who matter: your target customers.

PPC Rescue’s client, Tights UK, is often cited by Matt Brittin, Chief Executive of Google UK in interviews on Radio 5 and as a prime example of what can be achieved with Google and the internet economy: Our mentoring of Jonathan Barber (UK Tights) transformed their Google account, and Jonathan’s new knowledge assisted online growth of 50% year on year.

It's our daily coaching and management of businesses using paid search and organic search to succeed by applying the PPC Rescue development system that has made us the leader in search marketing in the UK.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our transparent and open approach has now been transferred to SEO. We provide affordable, proven and efficient results for our customers. Our SEO works because we focus on what your customers want. We delivery relevant resulst for your customers, and search engines love relevant results, as this leads to customers returning to their engine again and again. If you want relevant traffic that converts into sales, call us today.

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Only 3% of advertisers get 50% of sales; by next year it will be 2%

Your competitors are lowering prices, your marketing costs are rising and your profits are falling. What should you do?

We’ll wager that you’ve called Google at some point. When you ask a question, some nameless, faceless person at Google pats you on the head, tells you that your performance is down to historical factors which you can’t do anything about and you need to give it some more time and of course, money. If you ask them how to beat your competitors and you want step-by-step direction in how to do it whilst you turn a profit, you’ll wait a long time. We'll give you the answers you need. Today.

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Why PPC Rescue?

We know why most online marketing doesn’t work and what you can do about it. We live and breathe paid search, and you understand every detail of your business; we forge a partnership with you to make specific, step-by-step changes to deliver you marketing success.

Increased Sales & Reduced Costs
Driving more qualified prospects to your site increases your conversion rate and reduces your CPA. PPC Rescue delivered cost reductions and new sales for over 300 clients last year. We often reduce conversion costs by over 50% and can dramatically increase sales, and we've increased sales from £250K to £7 million for one client in 14 months

Proven Results from AdWords Qualified Experts
We've a strong track record of helping businesses of all sizes by dedicating our AdWords Qualified Mentors to work closely alongside them. Our Mentors work hard to stay at the forefront of online marketing developments to couple this knowledge with their extensive experience to deliver you the success you crave.

You Stay In Control
An agency can never deliver the results that you can; we know this because we too have run our own businesses prior to PPC Rescue. With our Mentors, you retain full control of your AdWords account and learn how to harness the potential of the 34,000 searches conducted on Google every second of every day.

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